Listen Back to the Threads Radio /Currents FM – Music festival Featuring My guest DJ – DJ Ayycee and My special Guest Internationally Acclaimed Don drummer/Producer Marijus Aleksa here:


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Listen Back to the last #theboukieshow on Threads Radio featuring my guest DJ Vaiper Despotin and my special guest Award Wining Singer/Raper/Producer Free Finga here:


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Happ Bank Holiday!


We Go live on https://threadsradio.com/ at 17:00 uk time today. As usual I have exclusive’s and music that has never been heard anywhere else on the planet from all over the planet 🌍.

Here are a few of the artist you’ll be listening to the 7th #Theboukieshow on Threads Radio with Vaiper Despotin Dropping a 🔥 mix. We will also be speaking To my special guest Free Finga and getting into his music.

Here are some of the featured artist on today’s show In no specific order:#MarijusAleksaKeyon HarroldBen Marc @brandoncolemanBubby LewisJam BaxterNative Dancer @dongabo.orj – Domas Aleksa – The Bass Player @ebruelis@later2niteCHERI @kreg.d@adamandevolThe Heavytrackerz @4i2icollectiveJack Trouble @nickblackos – ShamosLioness @1omazing1@funder@mccirculaire@genmusic@barkleybandonDaiva @swampsideslummyReuben James + More….

today the 5th of April UK 17:00-19:00 Central Europe 18:00-20:00East coast USA – 18:00-20:00

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Listen Back to the 5th Installment of #TheBoukieShow featuring UK Hip Hop star JAM BAXTER here:


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Im Pleased to announce my special guest on the next #TheBoukieShow is Uk Hip Hop Don JAM BAXTER!


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#TheBoukieShow is back on Threads Radio for the 5th instalment.DJ Ayycee will be on guest mix duties dropping a 🔥 AfroBeat mix

mix duties dropping a 🔥#Afrobeat mix🔒 In on threads Radio channel threads* on the 8th of march in the UK from17:00-19:00 and in Europe from 18:00-20:00

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Listen Back to The 4th installment of #TheBoukieShow feature international Singer and Actor Jesuton Here:


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I’m pleased to announce that this month’s special guest on #theboukieshow will be international singer and actress Jesuton


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