I have a great another great show coming up on Monday 16th with more exclusive’s and more music that has never been herd anywhere else on the planet 🌍 including some new exclusive music from me taken from a forth coming joint Ep.


Here are a few of the artist you’ll be listening to on Mondays #Theboukieshow on @threadsradio

In no specific order:

@scrillahlocaine @theheavytrackerz @mmachinewwoman
@danajhawkins @evanmarien @satterton @itscheriontop
@keymonoband @jack.trouble @sunglasseskidmusic @swampsideslummy
@nickblackos @iknowiknowofficial @chozeofficial @jonasdrema

And more…

Also Expect a 🔥 basement special from my guest DJ @ayycee_dj

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